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Extendher is a clip on jacket extender and babywearing cover in one!

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 It is one product offering two modes of function. Now you can feel good in your own outerwear with Extendher!!

Please follow your purchased carriers proper instructions for safe use.

IMG_9648.JPG-pTHE PROBLEM: Have you ever been pregnant and can’t zip your coat?  We know exactly how you feel and have created the perfect solution to this very problem!  We call it extendher!

THE SOLUTION: Extendher is a patent-pending extender panel that CLIPS ON to any outerwear that has a zipper, and extends your garment’s usefulness.  Why waste your money on an expensive maternity coat used for a few short months when you can purchase a maternity coat extender instead?  Extendher gives you that added room to grow for when you show. Adjustable pull toggles allow for a great fit throughout each stage of pregnancy.

IT’S ONE PRODUCT WITH TWO MODES OF FUNCTION: Once the baby is born, the extendher can be used in babywearing mode. Simply invert the maternity coat extender and clip it onto your favorite sweatshirt, coat, jacket, or vest. The maternity coat extender works on any garment with a zipper! Wear it while your little one is snuggled to your chest, in your favorite baby carrier. How many other products can you use from maternity AND beyond?

CONVENIENT AND EASY TO USE:  The extendher is the only maternity and babywearing extender that is ready to use (you do not need to purchase or sew in a zipper, buttons, Velcro or zipper extensions)  Avoid the fight of those bulky snowsuits.  With extendhers storm flap design, the cold air stays out, and the warmth stays in.  Simply clip, zip, and go!

READY TO WEAR AND EASY TO SHARE: The maternity coat extender is available in many fabric choices, perfect for all different climates.  Our unique patent-pending design offers the ease of a quick on and off transition.  Perfect for moms, dads, grandparents, daycare workers and even babysitters. Shop now for more details.

DISCLAIMER: This product is NOT intended for use as a baby carrier.  Please follow your purchased carriers proper instructions for safe use.


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VERSATILITY:   No one wants to be limited to one coat or jacket all season. Whether you are out on the town, strolling through park, or running around doing errands, the extendher easily clips to any length garment. Now you can use all of your own coats that you love.


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