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How to Keep Holiday Stress at Bay

The holidays are here and with it comes a seemingly never-ending to-do list. That can be stressful enough, but if you’re running around after young kids on top of it all, the holidays can sometimes seem downright impossible.¬†We all want to make the season... read more

Thanksgiving Traditions

Throughout history, there are many instances of ancient cultures celebrating a day of thanks, however, there is controversy over what is really the “first” Thanksgiving here in America. It is generally regarded as the feast of 1621, one year after the... read more

How To Pack For Baby’s Holiday Travels

Leaving the house with a baby can seem like quite a chore. There always seems to be so many THINGS you need to bring, even just for a “quick” trip to the store. But come holiday time, the thought of leaving the house and traveling somewhere can seem like a... read more

Extendher Tips: Trick or Treat

  The tradition of trick-or-treating has significantly changed through the years. Stemming from the ancient Celtic traditions of dressing in animal heads and skins during their Samhain festival, the custom has evolved through the years with influences from the... read more

Extendher LLC is a SCORE Small Business Champion Finalist

We have had quite the journey over the last 4 months competing in the SCORE Small Business Challenge. It began as a national competition with well over 400 entries, shaved down to 102. From those 102, 3 were chosen to remain in the finals. Extendher was fortunate... read more
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